"I believe that we have the responsibility to prepare the upcoming generations of students and to work toward the continuing, evolving growth and progress of our society. I see education as the main vehicle for accomplishing this vital work." - Dr. Langer


Dr. Langer regularly publishes books and articles on a range of technology, management, and education topics. His recent publications are listed here, and his books are available through amazon.

His latest books are:


Dr. Langer is a recognized speaker and authority on the topics mentioned above and in the following areas:

  • Technology Management and Leadership
  • Workforce Development and Diversity
  • Adult Learning and Mentoring
  • Organizational Learning

Dr. Langer frequently presents to corporations, at business and professional events, and at meetings and conferences. His recent presentations are listed here. Please contact him about presenting for you.

Social Entrepreneur

Workforce Opportunity Services

WOS was founded on the concept that inner–city and rural low–income individuals can climb to higher levels of success if given a fair opportunity – what I call, "Leveling the playing field." Our mission is simple: To create good citizens.

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