Dr. Langer is the Academic Director and Faculty member of the ExecutiveMasters in Technology Management at Columbia University. He also serves on the faculty of Organization & Leadership at the Graduate School of Educationand is the Director of the Center for Technology Management.

As a researcher, Dr. Langer has authored various papers on information systems design and management. His current research focuses on the mentoring of adult learners and the design of technology-based curricula for corporations and universities.

Dr. Langer holds a B.S. in Computer Science, an M.B.A. in Accounting/Finance, and a Doctorate of Education from Columbia University.

WOS was founded on the concept that inner–city and rural low–income individuals can climb to higher levels of success if given a fair opportunity – what I call, "Leveling the playing field." Our mission is simple: To create good citizens.
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Langer Live™, presented in cooperation with Columbia University and Advanced Micro DevicesTM is an online event like no other. Bringing together the leaders of technology and business, Langer Live delves into the critical business and technology issues that IT professionals around the globe face every day. Langer Live is moderated by Columbia University Professor, Dr. Arthur Langer and broadcast from the campus of Columbia University.

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Contact Dr. Langer:

Phone: 212.854.5218
Cell: 914.261.6142
Email: al261@columbia.edu

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